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Loan Products

Our loans are customized to our client’s unique needs. We can complete residential mortgage loans for aspiring homeowners that have a minimum credit score of 620 for traditional conventional loans and a minimum credit score of 580 for government loans such as FHA and VA loans. In certain states we can also complete commercial loan financing. For customers that already own their own home, we have great refinance products available. Click the LET’S GET STARTED button to begin your application today!


Minimum Down

When you chat with our amazing customer service team, they will help you choose the optimal down payment for your specific needs. For conventional owner-occupied loans, the minimum payment is 3% down and 3.5% down for FHA loans. If you are thinking about an investment property, the down payment requirements are different and can be discussed during the initial appointment. For Vets or Active Military Individuals, we are proud to offer 100% financing opportunities. 


Interest Rates

We pride ourselves on offering competitive rates and providing our customers the best rate available for their specific loan scenario. Interest rates change daily based upon the market, however, credit score, down payment as well as the loan program are some of the factors that determine what interest rate a customer will receive.



The team at She Does Loans can communicate with customers through our app that is available in the iTunes and Play Store, web browser, as well as by phone. Our amazing technology allows the customer to securely upload documents that are needed for loan approval via smart phone, tablet or web browser. Excellent customer service from our Operations Team plus amazing technology allows for the loan process to be streamlined.