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Empowering Women


The Movement

Today women are lifting each other up, using their voices to speak about topics previously not talked about, sticking together to fight for equality… now it’s time we look at women’s financial portfolios and start building them up as well.


Homeownership has been shown to increase net worth and this is one of the best ways to build wealth. According to the federal reserve, the average net worth of a homeowner is 44 times greater than a renter. For example, a renter’s net worth could be $5,000 while a homeowners would be $225,000! It’s time to stop paying someone else’s mortgage and start building your own destiny instead.


She Does Loans’ mission is to help women build wealth and achieve the American Dream no matter what stage of life they are in.

When you take women and homeownership,
it’s unstoppable.
— Sheila Smith, Founder of She Does Loans

The She Does Loans Guarantee

In a male dominated lending industry, She Does Loans guarantees that we will understand your unique concerns as a woman and you will not be treated as just a number.

When working with She Does Loans, we guarantee that we won’t simply provide you with a mortgage, but we will take the time to go over your goals and help you build your net worth as a whole.

We guarantee that, unlike most big banks and other financial institutions, if we determine you aren’t ready for homeownership yet, we won’t issue you a denial letter and turn our backs. Instead, we will give you the option to start our Future Homeownership (FHO) Program that will give you the guidance and coaching needed to make your homeownership dream possible.