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Meet Sheila

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Sheila Smith was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, a place where many of the world’s great ideas were conceptualized. As a child, Sheila would assist her father at his Real Estate office, knowing that one day she would be able to use her creativity and knowledge to help impact this industry in a positive way. As Sheila started to climb the corporate ladder, she was given the amazing opportunity to help create and run eLucid Lending. With an incredible team, they were able to deliver exceptional customer service, cutting edge and technology and provide full transparency as a forward-thinking lending institution.

It’s not just about getting people into homes, it’s about becoming a part of their story, their hope and their family.
— Shelia Smith, Founder of She Does Loans

The Inspiration

Sheila was inspired to start She Does Loans after attending the 2018 women’s march where she heard moving stories from women of all walks of life. She realized that with her depth of knowledge and tools at eLucid Lending she could be a part of the movement and help women increase their net worth and build strong communities by helping them to become homeowners. That’s when She Does Loans was born; a company dedicated to empowering women through homeownership.


She Does Loans is a division of eLucid Lending, a mortgage lender licensed in CA, NV, OR, NM, CO.


She Does Loans

Believes In...

Diversity. Empowerment. Security. Community.